The two main reasons for lost productivity in manufacturing are supply delays and shortages. With T.P.R. Industrial on your team, we can eliminate those issues.

Carbide Burrs

T.P.R. Industrial has a team of skilled craftsmen that have over 40 years of sharpening experience. All burr sharpening is done freehand with no jigs or angle guides. This is critical to maintaining the quality of resharps our customers have grown to expect and love. Burrs are all different in their shapes and sizes and as a result, require different techniques to achieve maximum sharpness. At T.P.R. Industrial we are sharpening our burrs for people who care where their products come from; people who understand that things can be repaired to be used again. We are dedicated to this way of work and life.

T.P.R. uses materials and techniques we believe in and work as a team to ensure the end quality meets our standards. This involves traditional techniques, some modern machines, and constantly looking for ways to improve our craft. We love products that are crafted with care wear in, not out. Drawing inspiration from this philosophy, we hope to provide the quality in a resharpened burr that will function better, and provide a longer life span of the burr.

Inventory Analysis

Our inventory experts will analyze your material and usage requirements and set up appropriate inventory levels to ensure deliveries that meet the customers demands.

Direct Delivery

T.P.R. can deliver directly to your facility, and can set up consigned inventory at the customer’s facility to make it easy to keep your employees on schedule.

On-Site Vending Solutions

T.P.R. can provide on-site vending solutions to help control supply usage and provide the reporting necessary to evaluate usages and ways to improve the bottom line.