Total Product Resource (T.P.R.) is a third generation industrial supply company that serves the worldwide industrial market from its headquarters in Portland, Oregon.


“At our facility, T.P.R.’s vending solution provided us with the accountability, control and information we never had before.  By dispensing supplies through vending, we were able to better track usage and put the controls in place to reduce waste and excess inventory on the floor.  This has resulted in a supply spend reduction of over 25% in our facility.  We will be implementing T.P.R.’s vending solution at all of our other facilities.”

- John

“T.P.R. Industrial Supply’s knowledge of our industry and facilities is better than any competitors.  We count T.P.R. as an extension of our organization, not just a supplier.”

- Marilyn

“T.P.R. Industrial isn’t just an industrial supply distributor:  they regularly help with ideas that translate into efficiencies later on.  I know I can count on them when I need them or in a bind, and they always go the extra mile. I can always count on them to exceed all my expectations and requirements.”

- Tracy


We provide services for multiple customers in various industries and segments.