Safety Cans

Durable steel cans are the compliant choice for flammables. Type I style is designed with a single spout for filling and pouring; while Type II offers (2) openings, (1) to fill and (1) to pour with a built-in flexible metal hose. Self-closing, leak-proof lid provides security from spills and leaks. The 1-gallon can features a trigger release handle, while larger capacity cans have a swinging handle. Unique counterbalance, ergonomic design with full-fisted grip handle offers gravity-assisted pouring. All models are equipped with an FM-tested dual-density flame arrester, which reliably dissipates heat to stop flashback ignition. To protect against rupture or explosion, positive pressure relief mechanism automatically vents between 3 and 5 psig. All cans are a heavy-duty, high grade coated steel construction with special reinforcing ribs to strengthen sidewalls for extra "bumper guard" protection. Finished in a tough powder-coat paint. Standard color red. 10-year warranty. Meets OSHA and NFPA requirements, as well as FM, UL, ULC certification. All items not stocked in all locations.

10301 UOM:Ea
1 Gal., Type I safety can$47.14
10501 UOM:Ea
2 Gal.,Type I safety can$42.96
10555 UOM:Ea
2 1/2 Gal., Type I safety can$48.48
10801 UOM:Ea
5 Gal., Type I safety can$49.98
10802 UOM:Ea
5 Gal., Type I safety can w/ I’m Easy® funnel$55.82
10821 UOM:Ea
5 Gal., Type II safety can w/ 1" hose$96.94
10828 UOM:Ea
5 Gal., Type II safety can w/ 5/8" hose$96.94
11202Y UOM:Ea
Slip-on poly funnel for Type I cans$7.72