Lighthawk™ MAX Fire Lanterns

Lighthawk fire lanterns feature lithium-ion battery technology and a super lightweight (1.9 lbs.) design. The 120,000 candlepower cuts through smoke with ease and has unwavering brightness from charge to charge with a 1:1 burn-to-charge ratio. Four strategically configured, pulsing, white and red taillight LEDs provide maximum visibility, making this lantern ideal for fire or rescue professionals. Constructed of super tough, waterproof, chemical- and heat-resistant nylon with a rubberized bottom and bezel for shock absorption. Lifetime warranty. Approvals: UL, CSA, and NFPA. Battery packs, chargers and accessories are available. Please call customer service for more information.

07810 Color:Orange
4-Cell fire lantern w/ 120 V AC plug$267.23
07815 Color:Orange
6-Cell fire lantern w/ 120 V AC plug$324.35
07835 Color:Orange
6-Cell fire lantern w/ 120 DC plug$324.35