SperianĀ® Saline Concentrate

This concentrate delivers the proven advantages of buffered, saline solution. It is physiologically balanced to match natural tears and aid in reducing additional damage to the injured eye when flushed properly. Specifically formulated to be mixed with clean, potable water and provides a cost-effective solution for the eyewash refills. The large 180 oz. bottle makes 14-16 gallons; the small (70 oz.) bottle makes 5-7 gallons.

32-000502-0000 UOM:Ea/4/Cs
Saline solution premix, 1 gal.$18.09
32-000509-0000 UOM:Ea/6/Cs
Saline concentrate, 70 oz.$31.08
32-000513-0000 UOM:Ea/4/Cs
Saline concentrate, 180 oz.$60.92