Personal Eyewash Wall Stations

Eyewash stations contain (1) or (2) bottles of Eyesaline personal eyewash or bodyflush that are designed with easy "snap-out" access. Sperian Saline is a sterile, buffered, saline solution superior to tap water with a tamper-resistant, easy-open top. Wall stations mount easily with supplied fasteners and provide simple, bilingual instructions. An extended-flow opening provides longer flow rate than conventional bottles. FDA-grade polyethylene bottles feature lot numbers and expiration dates. Personal/Secondary eyewash does not meet the ANSI Z2358.1 standard for 15-minute flushing requirement. High visibility green.

32-000460-0000 UOM:Ea
Wall station, 16 oz.$20.54
32-000461-0000 UOM:Ea
Wall station, 32 oz.$25.93
32-000462-0000 UOM:Ea
Wall station, double 32 oz.$36.62