Biosystems ToxiLtd® Single-Gas Disposable Detectors

A 2-year disposable gas detector. Compact and rugged design with 1-button operation. Available with O2, CO, H2S and SO2 sensors; top and front mounted bright LED. Continuous real-time gas reading during alarm. Meets IP65/IP67 water and dust ingress protection. Automatic event logger remembers peak/average gas readings, start/stop time, duration and sensor type for the last (20) alarms. Low, high, STEL and TWA audible and visible alarms. All units available with optional vibrating alarm. Compatible with the Biosystems IQ Express™ Docking Station. 2-year battery life. Meets c-UL-us. Classified for Class I, Div 1, Groups A, B, C, and D T4. UL Classified for Class II, Div 1, Groups E, F, and G. Ships Direct F.O.B. Mfg.

54-44-01 UOM:Ea
ToxiLtd CO$199.00
54-44-02 UOM:Ea
ToxiLtd H2S$199.00
54-44-03 UOM:Ea
ToxiLtd SO2$299.00
54-44-90 UOM:Ea
ToxiLtd O2$189.00