Venturi Blowers

Perfect solution for moving air in refineries, utility and power plants, shipyards, paper and pulp plants, the marine and steel industry and manhole operations. Ideal for use where fumes that may be poisonous, explosive or hazardous from process towers, tanks, large pipes or confined space need to be removed. Can cool workers in elevated temperature conditions or cool heavy equipment that may be in danger of overheating. Lightweight with a single-piece of cast-aluminum inlet housing. Features a convenient carry handle for 1-person portability, multiple inlet ports, and a sturdy steel galvanized steel diffuser. All models include a crow’s foot inlet connection and a static ground is attached to the base of the blower. Models 9518-03S and 9518-03 use 8” ducting Models 9518-06 and 9518-08 use 16” ducting Ships Direct F.O.B. Mfg.

9518-03 UOM:Ea
Small Venturi blower$438.75
9518-03S UOM:Ea
Low-profile Venturi blower$416.25
9518-06 UOM:Ea
Medium Venturi blower$573.75
9518-08 UOM:Ea
Large Venturi blower$866.25