8” Axial Canister Blowers

Offers lightweight design and high-output from an AC electric motor. Designed with tough steel construction, a durable grill, convenient carry handle and rubber feet. Small profile means easy storage. Certified to CSA STD C22.2 No 113. Air delivery certified CEESI. (cfm calculated using 15’ x 8” ducting based on the diameter of the blower). Flow rates AC: free air at blower 1275 cfm; (1) 90° bend 661 cfm; (2) 90° bends 582 cfm. Flow rates DC: free air at blower 1150 cfm; (1) 90° bend 595 cfm; (2) 90° bends 530 cfm. Ships Direct F.O.B. Mfg.

9506 UOM:Ea
DC axial blower$630.00
9506-01 UOM:Ea
DC axial blower w/ 15' ducting$945.00
9506-25 UOM:Ea
DC axial blower w/ 25' ducting$1,001.25
9513 UOM:Ea
AC axial blower$607.50
9514 UOM:Ea
AC axial blower w/ 15' ducting$922.50
9514-25 UOM:Ea
AC axial blower w/ 25' ducting$978.75