Dyna-LineĀ® Temporary Horizontal Lifeline

This temporary horizontal lifeline system is used as an anchorage connector and is designed for quick and easy installation and removal. Made with a 12-strand rope that will not hackle and has very low stretch properties. The standard 30' length is made as a two-worker system and comes in a bucket for easy transportation and storage. The unit can be mounted to any suitable 5000 lb. rated anchorage point and can be rigged using many standard components, eliminating the need for special or "engineered" equipment. The lifeline has an integral line "tensioner" that allows proper tensioning of the lifeline before use. Meets all applicable OSHA requirements and ANSI A10.32 standards. Ships Direct F.O.B. Mfg.

10013152 Size:30'
Dyna-Line lifeline$710.20
10081594 UOM:Ea
5K Removable concrete anchor$127.50