FP Stryder™ Anchorage Connector

Lightweight at only 4 1/2 lbs. with a 400 lb. load capacity and easy, single hand installation. Low friction wear pads with Teflon® eliminate metal-to-metal contact and allow the unit to glide effortlessly along the beam flange. Designed with an integral load indicator that alerts user if the unit has been exposed to a fall. Versatile design allows for mounting overhead or at worker's feet. Adjustable vernier provides for a secure fit and 1/4" adjustment intervals. Easy-to-use, push-button adjustment. Available in (2) styles to fit most any beam size. Standard version fits beam flange widths from 4" to 14". XL version fits beam flange widths from 14" to 24". Field serviceable. Meets all applicable OSHA requirements and ANSI standards including ANSI Z359.1 and ANSI A10.32.

10051455 Size:4" to 14"
FP Stryder anchorage connector$256.51