FMX™ Welding Helmets

Features full-wrap, heat- and scratch-resistant graphics, extremely lightweight 18 oz. full-size ADF helmet, and proprietary shell polymer for high-impact durability. ADF electronics offer reliable switching with high-quality optics, selectable shade controls 9-13, and 2-year warranty on ADF lens. Adjustable non-slip/strip 3-C ratchet headgear provides custom fit, multiple adjustment options help position the ADF in front of your eyes, and exclusive "free-floating" arms evenly distribute weight. Lifetime limited warranty on helmet/headgear.

2999BV913X1 UOM:Ea
FMX Flame helmet$340.20
2999BV913X10 UOM:Ea
FMX Master Sapphire Red helmet$340.20
2999BV913X2 UOM:Ea
FMX Demon helmet$340.20
2999BV913X3 UOM:Ea
FMX Wire Burner helmet$340.20
2999BV913X4 UOM:Ea
FMX Spirit of America helmet$340.20
2999BV913X8 UOM:Ea
FMX Master Sapphire Black helmet$340.20
2999BV913X9 UOM:Ea
FMX Master Sapphire Blue helmet$340.20
FMX helmet bag$37.70