3M™ Fresh-Air II Supplied Air Systems with 3M™ Speedglas Helmet 9000 HWR

Provides respiratory protection from airborne particulates and gases. Lightweight, belt-mounted Cool-Air valves permit the welder to lower the temperature of the supplied air by up to 45°F (25°C), making it ideal for very hot or strenuous jobs. Temp-Air valve allows either cooling or warming of the supplied air +/- (plus or minus) 45°F from the supplied air temperature. NIOSH approved. Note: Final determination of respirator applicability must be made by an on-site safety specialist or industrial hygienist. Note: Because faceshield and welding shields can be raised from the normal position, ANSI Z87.1-2003 states that safety spectacles or goggles must be used in conjunction with these respirators. Ships direct F.O.B. Mfg ***PE*** 3M W-1 warning

14-5701-21 UOM:Ea
Cool-Air (CA) System w/ 9000 HWR Helmet$1,311.88
14-5701-21SW UOM:Ea
Cool-Air (CA) System w/ 9000 HWR Helmet w/ SideWindows$1,344.86
14-5801-21 UOM:Ea
Temp-Air (TA) System w/ 9000 HWR Helmet$1,465.18
14-5801-21SW UOM:Ea
Temp-Air (TA) System w/ 9000 HWR Helmet w/ SideWindows$1,498.14