Flexi-FilterĀ® Pads for AdvantageĀ® Respirators

Low-profile, flexible filter pads fit well under a welding hood and with other personal protective equipment. Offer great balance and weight distribution for maintaining a good faceseal, while the swept-back design provides improved vision and comfort. Multi-layer composite construction gives them better durability and spark resistance.

818342 UOM:2/Pk
P100 Flexi-Filter pads for Advantage respirators$7.67
818343 UOM:2/Pk
P100/OV/O3 Flexi-Filter pads for Advantage respirators$10.00
818344 UOM:2/Pk
P100/AG/HF Flexi-Filter pads for Advantage respirators$10.00
818346 UOM:2/Pk
N95 Flexi-filter pads for Advantage respirators$7.30