3M™ Half Facepiece 6000 Series, Drop Down Reusable

Use for workers who wear hard hats and need to frequently remove the respirator without removing the hard hat. Innovative design makes them an easy, economical way to help ensure worker protection. Lightweight, well-balanced design provides greater worker comfort. Low-profile design allows for a wider field of vision and greater comfort while wearing glasses or goggles. Resealable storage bag helps keep respirator clean between uses. All respirators/filter assemblies can be used up to the NIOSH approval limits, 10 x PEL or the maximum use concentration allowable in applicable OSHA standards, whichever is lower. **PE**R-1 Warning

6100DD Size:S
Half Facepiece 6100DD, Drop Down$12.43
6200DD Size:M
Half Facepiece 6200DD, Drop Down$12.43
6300DD Size:L
Half Facepiece 6300DD, Drop Down$12.43