DTR410™ Digital On-Site 2-Way Radio

Digital Business Walkie-Talkies feature Digital Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum to enhance privacy. Talk privately to one person, or talk to all workers. Rugged and durable. Send text messages from units or PC. Covers up to 350,000 sq ft and 30 floors. Customize settings with optional keyboard. No license required in U.S. and Canada. Works only with other DTR410s. Includes Li-ion battery for up to 14 hours use, swivel holster, charger. 5.2" H, 7.3 oz.

0105950U15 UOM:Ea
Programming cable$36.36
53960 UOM:Ea
6-Unit charger & cloner$174.24
53963 UOM:Ea
Spare battery$48.48
53967 UOM:Ea
Mini keyboard$37.88
25 Channels, digital display$299.24