CLS Series Professional Walkie-Talkies

CLS Business Walkie-Talkies have 56 UHF business frequencies to prevent eavesdropping and interference from inexpensive FRS/GMRS models. Display shows battery life and channel. Covers up to 200,000 sq ft and 10 floors. Includes Li-Ion battery for up to 12 hours use, swivel holster, charger. 4.1" H, 5 oz.

56531 UOM:Ea
6-Unit charger & cloner$150.00
56557 UOM:Ea
Spare battery$33.33
CLS1110 UOM:Ea
1 Watt, 1 channel, UHF, display$156.06
CLS1410 UOM:Ea
1 Watt, 4 channel, UHF, display$174.24